Awestruck is the first Artistic Restaurant started in Madurai. The concept of having a food truck restaurant generated during the time of covid. The restaurant is set in an artistic ambience with abstract murals which speaks.

The creatively coined name suggests the awe feeling while gazing at the steaming delicious cuisines coming out of the truck.

The idea was formed around the celebration of equality among all genders, races, and religions. The painting features a vibrant array of colours and shapes, symbolising the diversity and beauty of the world we live in. The central theme of the painting is unity and harmony, with images of people from all walks of life coming together in a powerful display of solidarity. The mural seeks to inspire viewers to embrace diversity and stand up against discrimination, and to recognise the inherent value and dignity of every individual, regardless of their gender, race, or religious affiliation. Good food can unite us all.

Brand Patterns and Visual